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Tolerance Love without Judgment


Belief that all religions lead to God and have equal validity, with no religion having absolute truth.

New Age Christianity

God is in ALL religions watered-down Gospel Love YES, Judgment NO


The melding of two or more religions to form a "new" religion, as in C5 Contextualization.

Social Justice

A Marxist, progressive political agenda for weath re-distribution and world governance veiled as Christian teachings of the Bible.  Jesus is Teacher, not Savior or Judge

Jim Wallis

Chief Spiritual Advisor to Barack Obama, founder of Sojourners Magazine and co-founder of Red Letter Christians.  Is an anti-capitalist who has defended Marxism.  Is close friends with Campolo, McLaren, James Cone and Rev Jeremiah Wright.

Progressive Evangelical Churches

Interfaith Organizations

Progressive Catholic Churches

Emergent Church

A Universalist movement in the Christian Church, twisting biblical scripture to make all religions equally valid, veiled in some biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.  Minimizes the concept of sin and absolute truth.  The deity of Jesus and his substitutionary sacrifice for sin is questioned.  Promotes inter-faith mysticism and cooperation to solve mankind's problems.

Brian McLaren

Rob Bell

Emergent Church leader and pastor who subtly promotes universalism and mysticism.

Progressive Evangelical Churches

Tony Campolo

Co-founder of Red Letter Christians.  A Christian minister who supports homosexuality and is a sought-after speaker at churches, seminaries and conferences.  Is admired by many Christian youth pastors.


Alice Bailey

Satan-worshipper and humanist who planted the early seeds for a one-world order and education system.  Influenced the thinking of John Dewey.

the United Nations

Public Education

"Human Rights"

Belief that rights are given by man or government, instead of "endowed by the Creator".  New rights are created to accomplish the desired goal, such as the "Right to Privacy" that enabled abortion, the "right to own a home" which started the Recession and financial crashes of 2008, or a "right to not be offended" that is used to squelch any Christian expression or display.