Alysa Sifford

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Alysa Sifford by Mind Map: Alysa Sifford

1. Favorite T.V. Show

1.1. American Idol (Idk, I don't really watch T.V.)

2. Favorite Movie

2.1. Commitment

3. Favorite thing about school?

3.1. I'm not stuck at home with my little brother.

3.2. I get to see my favorite teachers.

4. Sports

4.1. Hunting

4.2. Fishing

5. Music

5.1. I have many bands that i like, I listen to a lot of music in English and in other languages.

5.1.1. Monsta X

5.1.2. Big Bag

5.1.3. Infinite

5.1.4. 4Minute

5.1.5. Vixx

5.1.6. EXO

5.1.7. BTS

5.1.8. B.A.P

5.1.9. Lc9

5.1.10. Teen Top

6. 3 random things about me..

6.1. I love to bake

6.2. I LOVE riding horses

6.3. I listen to music in another language.