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MindMeister and QuestionPro Feature Ideas by Mind Map: MindMeister and QuestionPro
Feature Ideas
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MindMeister and QuestionPro Feature Ideas

Use mind maps to brainstorm on ideas and automatically insert best voted ideas to QuestionPro's Co-Creating

Mind map editor embedded in QuestionPro platform

Pull data from surveys into mind maps

Turn survey results into action items in a mind map

Visualize your survey logic in a mind map

Brainstorm and outline your survey logic in MindMeister, then turn topics into survey questions at the click of a button

Use the Presentation mode to guide the subject through the questions in an interesting way.

How to use this map

Add your ideas wherever they fit

Select an existing topic and press TAB to create a child-topic. Press ENTER to create a sibling topic. Or just double click anywhere on the canvas to create a new branch.

Vote existing ideas up or down and leave comments

To do this, select the topic, then click on the speech bubble icon in the sidebar on the right. You will see buttons to thumb up or down. Underneath is space for your comments.

Don't delete other people's ideas

Seriously - we'll know if you do ;)