MindMeister and QuestionPro Feature Ideas

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MindMeister and QuestionPro Feature Ideas by Mind Map: MindMeister and QuestionPro Feature Ideas

1. Use mind maps to brainstorm on ideas and automatically insert best voted ideas to QuestionPro's Co-Creating

2. Mind map editor embedded in QuestionPro platform

3. Pull data from surveys into mind maps

4. Turn survey results into action items in a mind map

5. Visualize your survey logic in a mind map

5.1. Brainstorm and outline your survey logic in MindMeister, then turn topics into survey questions at the click of a button

5.1.1. Use the Presentation mode to guide the subject through the questions in an interesting way.

6. How to use this map

6.1. Add your ideas wherever they fit

6.2. Vote existing ideas up or down and leave comments

6.3. Don't delete other people's ideas