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Ecosystems by Mind Map: Ecosystems

1. Nutrients

1.1. Mostly Cyclic

1.2. Process

1.2.1. Environment

1.2.2. Producers

1.2.3. Consumers

1.3. H,O,C,N,P

2. Food web

2.1. Food Chain

2.1.1. Trophic levels

2.1.2. Producers and Consumers

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Grazing Primary Consumer eats Primary Producers

2.2.2. Detrital Detritivores get enegry from producers

3. Energy

3.1. Primary Producers

3.1.1. Inorganic to Organic

3.2. Consumers

3.2.1. Hervibores/Carnivores/ Parasites/Omnivores

3.3. Not a Cycle

3.4. Ecological Pyramids

3.4.1. Biomass By weight of each trophic level

3.4.2. Energy By loss of energy through thropic levels

3.5. Ecological Efficiency

3.5.1. Use of Energy

3.5.2. Losses Heat Can not digest

4. Cycles

4.1. Biogeochemical

4.1.1. Movement of bioelements From natural reservoirs to food chainds Back to the envioronment

4.2. Water

4.2.1. Where? Ocean Atmosphere Land

4.2.2. How? Vapor Condensate

4.2.3. Uses Filtrates Transport Nutrients

4.2.4. Problems Limited Overdraft Bad Use

4.3. Carbon

4.3.1. Atmospheric cycles Terrestial Carbon Cycle Plants incorporate C02 Marine Carbon Cycle C02 Dissolved on the water Carbon in Fossil Fuels Organic Remains Stored

4.4. Nitrogen

4.4.1. Composes DNA&RNA

4.4.2. Nitrogen Fixations Ammonium Plants Consumers Bacteria Soil

4.4.3. Nitrification Ammonium Bacteria Nitrite Bacteria Nitrates Producers

4.4.4. Loss/Denitrification

4.4.5. Disruption New techniques Increase of Fossile Fuels, Fertilizers Pollution Water Diseases Destroys Ozone

4.5. Phosphorous

4.5.1. Passes Through Food Webs Quickly

4.5.2. Sedimentary Cycle Rocks Weathering/Erosion Water Deposits Land

4.5.3. Way Soil Water Plants Animals Waste

5. Greenhouse Gases  and Climate Change

5.1. Increase of Greenhouse Gases

5.2. Problems

5.2.1. Raise of Temperature

5.2.2. Diseases

5.2.3. Loss of Ice

5.2.4. Need of New Solutions

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