Enhance the workflow 2

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Enhance the workflow 2 by Mind Map: Enhance the workflow 2

1. Ensuring consistency

1.1. overview

1.1.1. Untitled

1.2. docker image caching behavior

1.2.1. problem Untitled

1.2.2. solution docker pull command Untitled

1.3. build up to date docker images

1.3.1. docker-compose build -pull

1.3.2. Untitled

1.4. docker image consistency

1.4.1. use same images across test, build, release

1.4.2. Untitled

2. tagging the release image

2.1. categories

2.1.1. logical tags represent current logical state can point to different images example latest 14.04.3

2.1.2. build tags only point to a single image example git commit string use timestamp as build tag

2.2. tagging strategy

2.2.1. overview Untitled

2.2.2. make tag Untitled

2.2.3. make buildtag Untitled Untitled

2.3. implement tag functionality

2.3.1. overview Untitled

2.3.2. define docker registry var Untitled

2.3.3. get the image id of the application service Untitled

2.3.4. get the container id of application service container Untitled

2.3.5. $(APP_SERVICE_NAME) Untitled Untitled Untitled

2.3.6. extract tag arguments Untitled explanation MAKECMDGOALS ifeq ($(TAG_ARGS)) eval $(TAG_ARGS):;@:)

2.3.7. result Untitled

2.4. implement build tag functionality

2.4.1. overview Untitled

2.4.2. buildtag variable Untitled only generated once Untitled