Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 4

1. Understanding natural light and color

1.1. Additive color

1.2. Subtractive color

1.3. Color Model

2. Image editing programs enable the user to

2.1. Enhance and make composite images

2.2. After and distort images

2.2.1. Add and delete elements

2.3. Add and delete elements

3. Still images are generated in two ways

3.1. Bitmaps (raster)

3.2. Vector-drawn graphics

4. Image file types used in Multimedia

4.1. Macintosh formats

4.1.1. The most commonly used format is PICT

4.2. Windows formats

4.2.1. The most commonly used image file format on Windows is DIB,also known as BMP

4.3. Cross-platform formats

4.3.1. JPEG,GIF,and PNG-Most commonly used format on the Web

5. 3-D animation, drawing , and rendering tools include

5.1. Daz3D

5.2. Form*Z

5.3. NewTek's Lightwave

5.4. Autodesk's Maya

5.5. Trimble's Sketch Up

6. Vector-drawn graphics

6.1. Applications of vector-drawn object

6.2. How vector-drawn images work

6.3. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps