Environmental Problems

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Environmental Problems by Mind Map: Environmental Problems

1. Climate change.

1.1. Natural disasters.

1.1.1. Damage power plants. This destroyed transmission lines. Change global phenomenon.

2. Air Pollution.

2.1. Degrades human health.

2.1.1. Increases hospital admissions. Caused by energy production. Come from the transport sectors.

3. Water Quality.

3.1. The energy sector consumes a lot.

3.1.1. Contaminates water. Imposing costs on all water users. The costs change from commercial to farmers.

4. Nuclear Power.

4.1. Minimal air pollution impacts.

4.1.1. Combustion-free source of energy. Impacts arise from uranium Has serious consequences for human to the environment.

5. Oil and Natural gas.

5.1. Are themselves toxic.

5.1.1. Contain hydrogen sulfide. Is potentially faltal and extremely corrosive. Bringing rock fragments.

6. Hydroelectricity.

6.1. Poses severe water impacts.

6.1.1. Only moderate land-use impacts. Minimal climate change and air pollution impacts Change upstream and downstream habitats.

7. Wind energy.

7.1. Relates to the death of birds.

7.1.1. Wind turbine blades which is termed “avian mortality.” Present direct and indirect hazards to birds. Birds can smash into a turbine blade.

8. Solar Photovoltaics.

8.1. Can contaminate land.

8.1.1. Systems break down. Are destroyed during hurricanes and tornados. Occurred manufacturing solar cells.