Project Everest  Online Analytics in Sage

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Project Everest  Online Analytics in Sage by Mind Map: Project Everest  Online Analytics in Sage

1. PMI (TBC)

1.1. Champions

1.1.1. Governance Structure Access Levels & Security List of individuals Bao Nguyen Darren Gourley

1.1.2. Web Manage list of all sites for an audit Marketing sites eCommerce Plan for Imagine Plan for Legacy Darren Gourley Local Leaders

1.1.3. CRO List of individuals Tori Strong

1.1.4. Paid Media List of individuals James Taylor Kevin Alderson

1.1.5. eCommerce List of individuals Omar Ead

1.1.6. Tagging and  Tracking List of individuals Shawn Keith

1.1.7. SEO List of individuals Stephen Lock

1.1.8. IT List of individuals Andy Harrison

1.1.9. Analytics / Data Science Data management Visualisation & Reports Modelling Integration (Online, SFDC, Paid, non-paid) List of individuals Maciej Piwoni Christopher Rigolet Bao Nguyen Curtis Cochrane Mark Gravel Stratigent Sage IT Team

1.2. Stakeholders

1.2.1. Global Anchor list of KPIs KPIs Defintions Online eCommerce List of individuals Bao Nguyen Maciej Piwoni Chris Rigolet

1.2.2. Path of execution Marketing Sites eCommerce Sites SageOne SageX3

1.2.3. List of Individuals Global Digital Marketing Stuart Scott Global Web Richard Dodd Global Paid Media Catherine Wignall David Cottage Global eCommerce