Summary of Redemption, Rehabilitation and Change

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Summary of Redemption, Rehabilitation and Change by Mind Map: Summary of Redemption, Rehabilitation and Change

1. Border Crossing

1.1. Differences:

1.1.1. Has a very strong theme of water to symbolize change and redemption throughout the book.

1.1.2. Danny is under no illusions that he's changed as a person - he simply wishes to acknowledge his past in a attempt to move on with life. He's not delusional.

1.1.3. Danny actively seeks out Tom for 'help' - 'wants' to change.

2. Silver Linings Playbook

2.1. Differences:

2.1.1. Pat is convinced himself that he has changed - delusional.

2.1.2. Pat refuses all kinds of help - he doesn't want treatment, doesn't think he needs to change.

2.1.3. The remotes that Pat's father is so attached to having perfect because of his OCD is a symbol of the state of relationships and the change in dynamics throughout the film.

3. Similarities

3.1. Most of the characters do believe in redemption and change to some extent, or they'd like to believe it's possible.

3.2. Both of these texts feature a crime that has been committed, and the person who committed it needs to be redeemed.

3.3. Both feature mental illness in some regard - this is a barrier that the characters in both texts must overcome to potentially achieve 'change'

3.4. Do any of the characters actually change or turn their lives around in either text? Danny is still manipulative - Pat is still against treatment (because he thinks he's already found it).

3.5. Both Danny and Pat have psychologists that overstep their bounds trying to help them - they want to help them change so much that they dig too deep and let them 'cross borders' that shouldn't be crossed.

3.6. People are skeptical in both texts about Pat and Danny's ability to change or redeem themselves.