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How to become a Chef in Europe - Let's summarize it! by Mind Map: How to become a Chef in Europe - Let's summarize it!
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How to become a Chef in Europe - Let's summarize it!


active till the end

temporary participants, opted out due to work load

What did students like about the project?

exchange with peers in the same professional situation in a foreign country

telling/showing others about their workplaces/schools etc. (image gallery in pupils' corner)

break from usual 'English for Chefs' routine

working with the PC

applying language naturally

comparing one's own situation with that of others

Czech students: presenting project on miniconference in Přerov

German students and Polish student: invitation to DIDACTA educational fair, presenting the project

Doing something different from the norm

What did students dislike about the project?

little time for the project work

when Twinspace was down

IT problems at school/bandwidth/no internet access

that they had to remember their login data for the Twinspace

patience needed waiting for partner students' contributions

our schedule did not always work to our benefite to coincide with our partners timetable, specially when there where web based conferences

What skills did they develop?

intercultural skills

foreign language skills

ICT skills

personal skills

professional skills

Benefits for the teachers

pan-European collaboration with enthusiastic colleagues

change from the typical way of teaching Chef students in English

exchange of teaching material in 'staff room' of Twinspace

lots of fun

"thinking outside of the box"

project motivated students more than the usual English classes

improving one's own ICT literacy

getting to know your students better

learning new things

Making other teachers aware of eTwinning in our respective schools

meeting new colleagues

opening new doors for future collaboration

Problems for the teachers

enormous work load

organising project work (PC labs etc.)

coping with different levels of ICT literacy on student side (apart from teaching matter English itself)

managing to coincide my time with the projects

Prizes won so far

National Quality Labels

European Quality Labels

National eTwinning Awards


Our project in the press in other media (click little arrows to get to external links)

presentation of the project on the DIDACTA trade fair in Cologne, Germany

newspaper article Germany

miniconference in Přerov, Czech Republic, students presenting the project

article in regional Czech newspaper

brochure about National Quality Label Winners, Poland

One of many projects presented in a meeting of regional schools with the aim of spreading international partnership - sponsored by Östsam & Internationella Programkontoret, Sweden