Hunting safety

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Hunting safety by Mind Map: Hunting safety

1. Tree stands

1.1. Always have a harness

1.2. Have a way to get your weapon up and down the stand

1.3. 3 point rule( always have 3 points of contact

2. 4 common causes of hunting accidents

2.1. Judgement mistakes

2.2. not following firearms safety rules

2.3. not enough practice

2.4. mechanical failures

2.5. How many people died or got injuried from these things?

3. rules to always follow

3.1. always have muzzle pointed in safe directions

3.2. No such thing as a loaded weapon

3.3. know what is in front and behind your target

3.4. keep finger off trigger

3.5. if not 100% about what your shooting at, Don't Shoot

3.6. always wear orange

4. what if your a non-hunter during hunting seasons?

4.1. know what season it is and where people around you hunt

4.2. Make a lot of noice to alert people hunting

4.3. if you got a animal with you like a dog make sure you put something on it that is bright colored