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M&M's by Mind Map: M&M's

1. Why invented?

1.1. sold to military to give soldiers a little portion of choclate

1.2. idea came from another candy with a hard sugary shell that prevented it from melting in the sun

2. When?

2.1. 1941

2.1.1. idea came during spanish civil war

2.2. 1954

2.2.1. first introduced to military

3. How are they made?

3.1. liquid chocolate is poured into tiny molds

3.2. tumbled to smooth and round the center

3.3. many coats of liquid candy is added

3.3.1. corn syrup and sugar

3.3.2. last coat is colored

4. M&M's now

4.1. how do/did M&M's impact the world

4.2. financial records

4.3. are M&M's "popular" to this day

4.4. how many are sold a day/how many are made

4.5. are M&M's still used for military today