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Obesity by Mind Map: Obesity

1. Pokemon go

1.1. Purpose of the game is to get kids and parents up and active.

1.1.1. How effective is the game?

1.1.2. How many people play?

1.2. Wrecks

1.2.1. Many people have had car wrecks because of playing the game while driving. Is there pokemon events where you walk on a route to catch alot of pokemon?

1.2.2. Would it be effective to have the game shut down after going over 20 MPH to prevent wrecks

1.3. Gives parents something fun to do with kids thats cheap while getting great exercise

1.3.1. How is this game going to keep people playing after the newness dies down?

1.3.2. Does it make kids more attached/ dependent to/ on phones for everyday life?

1.4. Does pokemon go help with obesity?

2. Nutrition

2.1. Should all students have to take at least 1 nutrition class?

2.2. How helpful would it be if they did?

2.2.1. Would students listen and take away anything from that class?

2.3. How does nutrition help fight obesity?

3. Fast Food

3.1. Why is a burger more expansive than a salad?

3.2. Why don't fast food work with people who are local to get lettuce cheaper so a salad would be more affordable

3.3. Vending machines in schools have kickstart and tea stuff loaded with sugar what if we could get refrigerated vending machines with fruit and stuff?

3.3.1. Would people buy it?

3.3.2. School lunches should be made fresh not in the morning and left out all day.

4. Commercial Influence

4.1. Draws in the kids so they will be customer for life.

4.2. Should commercials be able to promote unhealthy food?

4.3. How could we promote a healthier lifestyle?

5. Confusion

5.1. Does being out of shape always mean your unhealthy

5.2. Can you be unhealthy and be skinny?