teen stress

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teen stress by Mind Map: teen stress

1. What are the causes of teen stress

1.1. Emotional

1.1.1. changes in your life

1.1.2. some people that are mean

1.1.3. trusting someone could be difficult and that causes stress trust issues

1.2. social

1.2.1. Relationships (sometimes arguments with others will stress you out)

1.3. family

1.3.1. making sure you dont dissapoint your parents

1.3.2. the pressure of living up to expectations and always trying to do whats good always have really high expectations that are sometimes hard for us to reach

1.4. personal

1.5. physical changes

1.5.1. Hormones

1.6. Education

1.6.1. test always scared you will fail

1.6.2. homework

1.6.3. good grades stresses you out when you get a bad grade

2. Teen depression

2.1. What are the causes of this?

2.2. How does stress play into this?

2.3. What are the affects of this?

2.3.1. Physical?

2.3.2. emotional?

2.3.3. psychological?