College Athletes

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College Athletes by Mind Map: College Athletes

1. Paid

1.1. Should they get paid by game?

1.1.1. People are paying to watch them play

1.2. How does paying them influence them?

1.2.1. Paying them could influence them to work hard which would make more competition

1.3. What is the difference between paying a 20 year old and a 21 year old?

1.3.1. Why is paying someone one year older right?

2. Pass all 4 years of college

2.1. Should athletes be required to stay for all four years of college?

2.1.1. Why would they be able to skip 3 years of college?

2.2. What if a athlete is Professional Bound?

2.2.1. Why would we hold an outstanding player back by keeping him for all 4 years?

2.3. How would this help or hurt professional sports?

2.3.1. This would hurt professional sports because there would be all older player because they do not have any young players

3. Grades

3.1. Should the athletes be required to sustain a good gpa?

3.1.1. If they cant keep good grades why should they move onto real life with no experience one so ever?

3.2. Can a player enter the draft if their gpa is below a 2.0?

3.2.1. What happens when they rule changes and someone was planning to enter the draft

3.3. Is it right for a 19 year old to take one year of college and go pro without any education under his belt?

3.3.1. what happens when or if they get hurt and are not able to play anymore?