Animal Testing

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Animal Testing by Mind Map: Animal Testing

1. What kinds of animals are tested on?

1.1. mice, rabbits, dogs

1.2. how many animals are tested on a year?

1.2.1. US statistics most recent tally was 767,622 animals a year an 8% decrease from 2014 statistics

2. PETA, actually helping, yes or no?

2.1. where do their donations go?

2.1.1. after one google search: most of peta's money goes to publicity stunts, only 2% goes to help animals

2.2. how much do they receive in donations per year?

2.2.1. 33 million

2.2.2. 35 million after fundraisers and other revenue

3. companies that still test on animals are evil

3.1. how do you know when your product has been tested on animals?

3.2. what do companies do with animals after they have been tested on?

3.2.1. what is the survival rate of animals after being in the lab?

3.3. what reasoning do companies use to try to validate testing on animals?

4. what organizations are genuinely trying to save the animals?

4.1. does the humane society profit?

4.2. what can regular people do to save animals?

5. what benefits do people see in animal testing?

5.1. are people really so cruel that they promote animal testing?