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education by Mind Map: education

1. education is one of the most important things in life for a human

1.1. why?

1.1.1. because without education we don't have knowledge and without knowledge were not skilled enough to work

1.2. it is a required part of life

2. some children do not have the luxuries we have in going to a public school out the U.S

3. money

3.1. educated people get better jobs so the they get paid more

4. equality

4.1. so everyone has a fair shot at getting a well paid job even for the poor. this even benefits for women empowerment

5. make your self independent

5.1. education makes you wiser so you can make your own decisions

5.2. makes you financially stable

6. confidence

6.1. your degree in college shows every one what you know and everyone would respect your opinion

7. happy stable life

7.1. what do you need to have a happy stable life that relates to education?

7.1.1. a good job and a good social life

8. goals

8.1. the key to whatever you want to be in life the key to that goal starts off with getting an education

8.1.1. in reality most cases are whatever you want to be involves you getting a degree which requires you to learn