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photography by Mind Map: photography

1. backrounds

1.1. need a setting

1.2. do you need to have a special backround

1.2.1. some people think a picture over a landscape is beauty because it makes the feeel alive wth color

1.3. shows our personalities

2. memories

2.1. can be used to search someone (ancestry)

2.2. what are the effects of photography

2.2.1. hold memories freezes moments in our lives

3. media

3.1. pictures are all over social media and can be taken with any device

3.2. the whole world can see what you took

3.3. does the new media take over the old fashion photographers?

3.3.1. will Polaroid cameras etc go extinct

4. hobbies

4.1. makes us artists

4.1.1. creates emotion in every image as humans

4.1.2. makes us think outside the box

4.2. how can photography be a hobby? how does taking pictures entertain people?

5. history

5.1. is what made artist create paintings with the human mind