Political Race

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Political Race by Mind Map: Political Race

1. Candidates

1.1. Donald Trump (R)

1.1.1. Why did you decide to run for president?

1.1.2. Mind change on immigration

1.1.3. Who do you want to be your VP if you win?

1.2. Hillary Clinton (D)

1.2.1. Deleted email scandal

1.2.2. Clinton foundation scandal

1.2.3. Why do you still continue to run for president?

1.3. Jill Stein (Green Party)

1.3.1. Who are you?

1.3.2. Who influenced you to run?

1.3.3. What kind of role do you have as a politician?

1.4. Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

1.4.1. What can you do to help America?

1.4.2. How did you become a politician and why?

1.4.3. What made you want to run?

2. Money

2.1. How much money does each candidate get to use for their campaign?

2.2. Who funds the campaigns?

2.3. What happens to the rest of the money that doesn't get used during the campaigns?