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Medical by Mind Map: Medical

1. Cancer

1.1. Breast cancer

1.1.1. How are people affected by breast cancer?

1.1.2. What can someone do to prevent this kind of cancer

1.2. Does a specific thing lead to cancer

1.2.1. Can something besides chemo help a person with cancer live longer?

1.3. Could it be a hereditary gene that is passed on.

1.3.1. Could you get this gene removed before it develops?

1.4. How often should someone get screened for cancer?

1.4.1. Is it expensive

1.4.2. Do most insurances cover it?

1.4.3. Why don't people go got get screened

2. Technology

2.1. X-rays, MRI, CT scans

2.1.1. How accurate are they?

2.1.2. Could something be over looked on the scan? If a doctor over looks something and that patient dies would he/she be responsible?

2.2. Research

2.2.1. How many scientist are working on new technology to help advance How many of those are working on the cure to cancer?

3. Insurance

3.1. Why does it cost more for a teen male to be insured that a female

3.2. Why does insurance not want to pay whenever someone has an accident or needs them to do their jobs they dont want to pay?

4. Genetics

4.1. Is testing on animal cruel?

4.2. Why do u get half DNA from one parent and the other half from the other instead of 3/4 from one and 1/4 from another?

4.3. What are some different jobs you could go into in the genetic feild