Nursing/Medical School

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Nursing/Medical School by Mind Map: Nursing/Medical School

1. Nursing

1.1. RN

1.2. What's the pay?

1.2.1. Is it different in each section of the hospital?

1.3. How hard is it to become a nurse?

1.4. What are some responsibilities of a nurse?

1.5. Is there more than just being a RN?

2. Medical School

2.1. What is the average cost of medical school?

2.1.1. Is it different price from instate and outstate?

2.2. What is the passing rate of medical school?

2.3. How long does medical school last?

2.4. What is the rate of getting into med school?

3. Schools for Nursing

3.1. What are some in the state of Kentucky that have a good nursing program?

3.2. What are the pass fail rates of the schools?

3.3. What the rate to get into the schools?

3.4. Whats the price to get into the schools?

3.5. Whats the requirments for the schools?