Kidney Diseases

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Kidney Diseases by Mind Map: Kidney Diseases

1. Chronic Kidney Disease

1.1. What causes this disease?

1.1.1. Heavy blood loss, an injury, or a bad infection called sepsis.

1.1.2. Not enough fluid in the body

1.1.3. Some medicines can cause damage to the kidneys.

1.2. Are there symptoms?

1.2.1. Can have no symptoms.

1.2.2. Fatigue

1.2.3. High blood pressure

1.2.4. Loss of appetite

1.2.5. Water- electrolyte imbalance

1.3. Is there a cure?

1.3.1. There is no cure It may eventually lead to renal failure.

1.3.2. Treatment may help Depends on the severity Medications to manage the symptoms Dialysis Filtering the blood with a machine. Kidney transplant

2. Kidney failure

2.1. Is there treatment for kidney failure?

2.1.1. Requires intensive treatment

2.1.2. Acute kidney failure can be reversible

2.2. Types of kidney failure

2.2.1. Chronic Kidney Disease Long standing disease of the kidneys leading to renal failure.

2.2.2. Acute Renal failure A condition in which the kidneys suddenly can`t filter waste from the blood.

3. Kidney stones

3.1. What are kidney stones?

3.1.1. A small, hard deposit that forms in the kidneys.

3.1.2. Often painful when passed.

3.2. Symptoms?

3.2.1. Severe pain Usually in the side of the abdomen. Varies from person to person.

3.2.2. Nausea

3.3. Treatment?

3.3.1. Pain killers

3.3.2. Drinking lots of water

3.3.3. Medical procedures if stones are too large.

3.4. What are they made out of?

3.4.1. Hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stick together.

4. Medullary sponge kidney

4.1. What causes this disease?

4.1.1. Some people believe it to be hereditary, but there is not a lot of evidence supporting it.

4.2. Is there a cure or treatment?

4.2.1. Aggressive treatment is not needed for patients who do not have symptoms.

4.2.2. Maintaining fluid intake

4.2.3. Patients with chronic pain often have to have pain management.

4.3. Are there symptoms for sponge kidney?

4.3.1. Same symptoms as UTIs and kidney stones.