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Golf by Mind Map: Golf

1. PGA

1.1. What do you have to do to become a pro?

1.1.1. Where should you start? Should i join a league? What do I need to score to rise in ranks?

1.1.2. Who do you need to know? Is it best to find someone to introduce you to someone? Do PGA scouts look at you? Do you need to sign up in your own tournaments?

1.1.3. Hard Work What do you have to eat? How many calories? How much exercise a day? What does your exercise consist of? How often do you have to play? Should you play different places?

2. Amateurs

2.1. How often should you play?

2.1.1. How long does it take to play as a pro?

2.2. What problems do you face with work/school?

2.3. How much do amateurs make?