Reckless Driving

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Reckless Driving by Mind Map: Reckless Driving

1. consequences

1.1. Get your license taken away

1.1.1. If you don´t hurt anyone this should be what happens but this isn't a very good consequence.

1.2. Go to jail

1.2.1. This seems to be a good solution if it is very serious.

1.3. Get a warning

1.3.1. Why would you only get a warning for something so dangerous?

2. How can we prevent this more than we are now?

2.1. Make consequences more serious than they are.

2.2. Make laws more strict

2.3. Get more people out on roads watching  more then they do now.

2.3.1. get cameras on roads to watch the drivers.

3. Laws

3.1. Driving 25 miles per hour (or more) over the posted speed limit

3.2. Racing another vehicle

3.3. Trying to elude a police officer

3.4. On a two-lane highway, passing another vehicle when visibility of oncoming traffic is limited

4. What is reckless driving?

4.1. Reckless driving is driving with a willful disregard for safety or the operation of a vehicle in which you show a willful disregard of consequences.

4.2. When someone is cited for this traffic offense, it is because they have shown a disregard for the rules of the road and may or may not have caused an accident or property damage.

5. What happens if you are involved in a reckless driving accident?

5.1. You tell someone and make sure it is documented down if what your are saying is true.

5.2. You let someone know asap what has happened.