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School Lunch by Mind Map: School Lunch

1. Should government impose restrictions on foods that can be served in cafeterias.

1.1. Does it really improve are health

1.2. has it decreased are obesity rates

1.3. does it keep us from getting terrible food

2. Should they serve healthier food

2.1. healthier children

2.2. less obesity

3. Should they serve fresher food

3.1. all food served is canned

3.1.1. food is very low quality

3.2. less nutrition in the canned food

4. Not enjoyable

4.1. no tastey food in school lunches

5. how clean the cafeterias are

5.1. they don't have inspections

5.1.1. some cafeterias could be very dirty this could cause kids to get sick

5.2. Aren't given good meat

5.2.1. the school meat standard is lower than that of fast food

6. only meal some kids get

6.1. some kids aren't able to eat much at home

6.1.1. the food should be more enjoyable and nutritious