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Free speech by Mind Map: Free speech

1. should the government be involved

2. how can the government protect free speec without interfeing free speech

3. what is free speech?

3.1. the right to criticize any person without violence

3.2. can we insult someone in the name of free speech

3.3. giving a speech respectfully

4. constitutional right

4.1. what does the constitution say about free speech

4.1.1. is it interpreted today the same way when it was written?

4.2. 1st amendment

4.2.1. fredomof speech the right to criticize the government if the government is not doing the right thing for the people

5. one of the basic human rights

5.1. God given right

6. how far can free speech go

7. do people have the right to make fun of others?

8. can free speech save america?

9. whats th egovernment's position in this?

10. what is the origin of free speech?

10.1. when? when did free speech start to being used against govnt brutlity?

10.2. how did it start

10.3. where did it begin

10.4. why did people want free speech? why is it so important?

11. why some government allow free speech and others don't?

11.1. can the government take positions on one side?

12. what are the consequences of free speech?

12.1. should people get fired for speaking

13. freedom of speech

14. what role plays in America?

14.1. thats how we started as a nation

14.2. plays big role

14.3. i feel like people are being offended easly

15. do we really have free speech?

15.1. why people get fired for spaking their mind

16. positive and negative

16.1. people have the right to express thier feelings

16.2. how far is negative

16.2.1. people dont have the right to bash someone based on their gender, race,religion..etc

17. what is the purpose of free speech?

18. is free speech illusion? as many consparcy theorist claim?