helping the veterans

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helping the veterans by Mind Map: helping the veterans

1. what does Navy do?

1.1. helps defend the water attacks

1.1.1. protection in water free to be in the ocean have fun in the water fishing without being bothered

1.2. makes sure we are safe in the water

2. what does Marines do?

2.1. First in battles and last out of battles

2.1.1. more dangerous family worried why do we have brave soilders?

2.2. what jobs are in the marines

3. what does Coast Guard do?

3.1. helps the fallen comrades

3.1.1. comrades get home safe family happy that they are alive

3.1.2. help get there son/duaghter home after KIA

4. what does Army do?

4.1. do most of the mission in the front line of the battle

4.1.1. one of the most dangerous branch how?

4.2. special forces

4.2.1. most dangerous job in all branches how?

5. what does Air force do?

5.1. most supportive branch

5.1.1. assist Army in missions visual help (eyes in the sky) higher success rate help with counter attacks

5.1.2. assist Navy in missions better defense against attacks higher sucess rate higher sucess rate promotions

6. why are we not helping homeless veterans more ?

6.1. need a home

6.1.1. need money need a job

6.2. need food

6.2.1. cost money need a job

6.3. need clothes

6.3.1. cost money need a job

6.4. need health care

6.4.1. cost money need a job

7. what does National Guard do?

7.1. helps with natural disasters

7.1.1. save people in need risk there lives

7.1.2. helps repairs damage from storms

7.1.3. get people home safe

8. why do we need to help the veterans?

8.1. how can we show them we care?

8.1.1. send them carepackage

8.1.2. show them how much we care

9. should we help the veterans?

9.1. why?

10. do the military get enough help?

11. what will happen to the  veterans when they are honorly discharged?

11.1. what happens when they get injured?

11.1.1. will they still get a proper job ?

11.1.2. will you still be able to work with a prospetic body parrt?