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MIlitary by Mind Map: MIlitary

1. Wounded Veterans

1.1. PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder

1.1.1. What are the struggles that PTSD victims suffer from what is the best way to overcome it

1.1.2. What are the treatment options for PTSD? How much does each treatment cost? How many of the treatments are typically required for a veteran?

1.1.3. How many veterans that are diagnosed with PTSD become homeless?

1.1.4. What are the symptoms of PTSD?

1.2. Amputees

1.2.1. What are the struggles that amputees suffer from?

1.2.2. How many amputee veterans become homeless?

1.2.3. What forms of rehab do they have for amputated veterans?

1.3. Paralyzed

1.3.1. What are the struggles that Paralyzed veterans suffer from?

1.3.2. How many paralyzed veterans become homeless?

2. Military Budget

2.1. Navy

2.1.1. Ships

2.1.2. Drones

2.1.3. Training

2.1.4. Equipment

2.1.5. Saleries

2.1.6. aircraft

2.2. Army

2.2.1. Aircraft

2.2.2. equipment

2.3. Marines

2.4. Air Force