Dealing with Anxiety

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Dealing with Anxiety by Mind Map: Dealing with Anxiety

1. Effects

1.1. How does anxiety effect a persons daily routine?

1.2. What are the most common symptoms?

1.3. How many people does it effect?

2. Treating

2.1. How can you treat it?

2.2. Can you cure it?

2.3. What can people do to make people with anxiety more comfortable?

2.4. Medication?

2.5. How to help?

3. Causes

3.1. What causes anxiety?

3.2. How does it work?

3.3. What are triggers?

3.4. How do triggers work?

3.5. Does everyone have the same triggers?

3.6. How do fears effect anxiety?

4. Diagnosis

4.1. Symptoms?

4.2. Will they seek help?

4.3. Give aways?

4.4. Tell them you know?

4.5. Where to find/get help?