Poverty / Homeless

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Poverty / Homeless by Mind Map: Poverty / Homeless

1. How much do shelters impact?

1.1. Voluntary

1.2. Are they non-profiy

1.3. What all do they provide

2. How did Poverty spread so vaguely?

2.1. Which cities have the highest poverty rates?

2.2. Economic Wise, how is it in the persons area?

3. How could Poverty change?

3.1. Welfare

3.2. Jobless

3.3. Volunteering

4. What problems do people in Poverty face?

4.1. Cant find work?

4.2. No Shelters nearby?

5. Trying to Substane your family's needs

5.1. Size of family

6. Why is the population so big?

6.1. Cities are over populated

6.2. Not enough jobs vs how many people need to be employed