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Basketball by Mind Map: Basketball

1. Drugs

1.1. What should the punishment be for players using drugs?

1.1.1. suspension

1.2. Should the players be allowed to do certain drugs?

2. Gender

2.1. Why do men and women not play together?

2.2. What league should a transgender be allowed to play in.

3. Retirement

3.1. Should money be spaced out over years?

3.2. What happens to the people who don't last long?

4. Draft

4.1. How old should people need to be to get in?

4.2. Should contracts be based off position in a draft.

5. Games

5.1. How are players affected over the length of a NBA season?

5.2. Are games to long?

6. Injuries

6.1. Do the rules need to change?

6.2. Are court regulations not safe?