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Jobs by Mind Map: Jobs

1. percent of VETERANS that are unemployed

1.1. Per state

1.2. How offten does a veteran get messed over by the government and not given a job

1.2.1. Which percent doesn't even get their college given to them free

1.2.2. That are given jobs but are fired due to being a veteran even though legally not allowed to

1.3. That are homeless due to the system

2. if they will raise minimum wage

2.1. And if so by what year do they think?

3. percent of unemployed

3.1. Per state

3.2. By age

3.3. unfairly or injusticly

4. Living wage is barley able to get

4.1. Dude if i go to buy groceries for just myself is at least 50. And with schooling and bills, id completely die in debt.

4.2. Most people are indebt

5. that is hard to get one right now

5.1. Many people are homeless due to it

6. that minimum wage is crap

6.1. $7.25 like seriously? ill have 4 wages by November and ill only be making like $7.90

7. what i know

8. what i don't know

9. Percent in each social class

9.1. How many are in each class?

10. Are the taxes equally disrupted for each class?

10.1. Like is the upper class taxed less?

10.2. If they don't pay taxes what they have to do instead.

11. The restriction per each state

11.1. The age

11.2. The limits someone under 18 can do

12. College kids if they are doing loans may never pay off debt with the minimum wage now

12.1. Unless they are in the medical services

12.1.1. even then some times will still not be able to pay off for years

13. Can't pay bills sometimes

13.1. Which causes them to be kicked out

13.2. Send their child some times to school hungry

13.3. Can cause a rift in a marriage

13.3.1. Causing divorce

13.3.2. may cause cheating

13.3.3. Meaning the family to break up and the child having to switch between homes

13.4. Can cause stress

13.4.1. Which can lead to them paying for illegal substances or even legal substances instead of paying bills Which may cause them to lose their jobs And even their family Or have to spend even more money one rehab