turkey hunting

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turkey hunting by Mind Map: turkey hunting

1. Calling them in

1.1. turkey call

1.2. what kind of call do you use

1.3. what is the goig price for the call

1.4. do the calls work

1.5. is there a male and female call

1.6. is there a mating call

2. Gun

2.1. shotgun

2.1.1. 12 gauge

2.2. what brand shotgun do you use

2.3. how much does the average shotgun cost

2.4. what is the best brand

2.5. can you use any other gun

3. clothing

3.1. what do you need to wear

3.2. what is the best brand

3.3. what is the ongoing price

3.4. what color is recommended

3.5. should you wear camo

3.6. should you bring extra clothes

4. meat

4.1. food on the table

4.2. where is the meat at

4.3. is all of the body meat

4.4. is all the meat clean

4.5. is the meat dark or white or both

5. clean kill

5.1. why do you need a clean kill

5.2. what is a clean kill

6. hunting position

6.1. what is the best position

7. shooting

7.1. what happens after you shoot it

7.2. where are you supposed to shoot it at

7.3. do you need to practice shooting

8. laws

8.1. when can you hunt

8.2. what gender can you hunt

8.3. what is the limit

8.4. what is the beard laws