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College by Mind Map: College

1. grades

1.1. How many people fail college?

1.1.1. How focused do you have to be? Grades are the most important thing

2. sports

2.1. How do sports affect your life in college?

2.1.1. You get money; depends what sport you play

3. type

3.1. What college do you want to go to?

4. job

4.1. Does having a job distract you?

5. money expenses

5.1. How many people go to college?

6. sororities

6.1. Is it always good to be in a sororitie?

7. leaving home

7.1. Are you okay with living with a stranger?

8. How does college change your life?

8.1. better chances at getting jobs

8.1.1. More money