Cambodian History

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Cambodian History by Mind Map: Cambodian History

1. What cause the Empire to fall and disappear without trace but leave underground markings discovered by new technology?

2. civil war

2.1. Pol Pot the dictator

2.1.1. How bad did his rule effect the life of Cambodians daily?

2.1.2. What caused him to go crazy?

3. economy

3.1. low

3.1.1. How did the dictatorship hurt it?

3.1.2. what can we do to help this issue?

4. food

5. poverty level

5.1. Does the civil war still have ongoing effects on Cambodia's poverty level

6. tigers

6.1. What caused tiger to go extinct in Cambodia?

6.2. Did people hunt them?

6.2.1. For what

6.2.2. Where they a problem? Or was it recreation?

7. Lost Cambodian empire

7.1. New discovery of a hidden city

7.1.1. Found to be a lot larger and originally thought to be

8. knowledge of the country itself

8.1. How many teens on average actually know where and what Cambodia is?

8.1.1. Why wouldn't they know?

9. immigrants coming to America