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Boat Safety by Mind Map: Boat Safety

1. Accidents

1.1. How many people die from boat crashes?

1.2. How many people damage there boat a year?

1.3. How many of these things happened during bad weather?

1.4. alcohol on the boat(0.10 blood alcohol increases the chance of death by 10 times the chance of somebody sober)

2. Life jackets

2.1. everyone one the boat should know where they are located.

2.2. if your child is under 13 they have to have one on at all times

2.3. The cause of most drowning victims is because of not wearing life jackets

2.4. Check and make sure all life jackets are working before takeoff

3. Float Plan

3.1. Name and address

3.2. boat type

3.3. Trip plans

3.4. type of communication aboard the boat

4. experience

4.1. Check what the water conditions

4.2. How many times have you driven a boar?

4.3. knows how fast to go

4.4. knows to pay attention while operating