Emmanuel Opati

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Emmanuel Opati by Mind Map: Emmanuel Opati

1. Education

1.1. BA (Hons) Makerere University, Uganda

1.2. MHA, University of Maryland University College

1.3. MBA, University of Maryland University College

1.4. PMP, Project Management Institute

1.5. MSERM, Carey Business School

2. Professional

2.1. Intern, Voice of America TV

2.2. Grant Coordinator, Maternal and Child Health, World Relief, Baltimore

2.3. Research Consultant, Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

2.4. Associate Director of MS Programs, Carey Business School

3. Social/Personal

3.1. Married and have lived in Baltimore for 10 years

3.2. Traveled to all continents except Antarctica and Australia

3.3. Love salsa dancing

3.4. Operate own radio station

4. Background

4.1. Born in Uganda, moved to Manhattan in 2005

4.2. Lived in Kenya and Scotland

4.3. Multi-lingual, love learning new languages