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Love by Mind Map: Love

1. is love a feeling or a choice?

1.1. Feeling

1.1.1. From the heart and can't take it away

1.2. Choice

1.2.1. People decide to love someone everyday

1.2.2. staying in love takes commientment

2. How it feels

2.1. how people describe what they feel when they are in love?

2.1.1. what happens to peoples emotions when they think they are in love?

3. How do people know its love

3.1. what are they feeling to know?

3.2. what makes it different from just liking someone?

4. Teenage love

4.1. Real or fake?

4.1.1. Peoples opinions on it

4.2. Can a high school relationship last?

4.2.1. what makes a high school relationship last? communication Respect Commientment honesty keep it separate from your friend don't let your friends be all in you and your persons business

4.2.2. What makes a high school relationship fall apart? Lack of commientment no communication lies Too many people in your business

4.3. can it cause emotional problems?

4.3.1. Yes heartbreak Could possibly lead to depression or feeling down for a while

4.3.2. it can also cause more stress fights with the person they are in a relationship with can cause them more stress

4.3.3. It can also take away focus from school spending time with their person can cause them to neglect school work texting person during school texting or talking to their person while doing homework

5. True love

5.1. Real or fake?

5.2. Do people really have ¨the one¨