Food production and regulations

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Food production and regulations by Mind Map: Food production and regulations

1. known issues with increased food production

1.1. are there any problems with mass food production?

1.1.1. could there be long term effects on people eating the food or the animals?

2. alternatives

2.1. what are other ways to produce food without adding things that make the food grow faster or make more?

3. cost

3.1. is it cheaper to mass produce food?

3.2. what is the difference in pricing between organic and other foods?

3.3. how is the cost effecting farmers?

4. the animals and plants

4.1. what is different with the animals and plants?

4.2. what is in the food they are eating?

4.3. are they healthy?

5. GMOs/GM food

5.1. genetically modified organisms and food

5.1.1. Good or Bad

5.1.2. what are they?

5.1.3. How does it effect food production? How do GMOs play a role in the human diet and how are they effecting our bodies?

6. environmental effects

6.1. how do the chemicals added to the plants and animals effect the environment?

6.1.1. chemicals get in the water and effect other things it wasn't supposed to not healthy for people to drink

6.2. plants, animals, and insects become resistant to the chemicals being used

6.2.1. have to use even more worse effect on humans and environment

7. Brands that use GMOs

7.1. Coca-Cola

7.2. Hershey's

7.3. Kraft

7.4. General Mills

8. Brands that do not use GMOs

9. population growth

9.1. has population growth effected the production of food?

9.2. when did the population start effecting the increase in food production?

9.2.1. is it really necessary to produce much more food?

9.2.2. how does the population compare to the amount of food being produced now?

10. changes in farming

10.1. what changes have farmers made to increase food production?

10.1.1. what is being put in the food or being fed to the animals to produce more food?

10.2. are the changes effecting people who eat the food?

10.3. decreasing number of small, independent farms

10.3.1. compare increase in large corporation farming to decreasing smaller farms

11. health requirements

11.1. is the food as healthy?

11.2. what is different?

11.3. how is it compared to organic food?

11.4. how have the regulations changed as food production as increased?