School start times

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School start times by Mind Map: School start times

1. 7:20

1.1. start class

1.1.1. physical effect

2. School-everyday

2.1. learning

2.1.1. mental effects why do teachers expect students to be fully awake and ready to learn on only 6-7 hours of sleep?

3. everyones tired

3.1. asleep in first period

3.1.1. physical and emotional effect if everyone is tired they wont do what they can to there full pottential in class that also means that the school district is risking students grades so they can get out at 2:00

4. elementary starts after high school

4.1. elementary starts at 9:00

4.1.1. high school students need more sleep than elementary  schools students is there a certain reason that high school has to start so early?

5. high school students dont go to bed untill 10:00-12:00 or even later

5.1. that mean on adverage most kids are only gett 5-7 hours of sleep

5.1.1. you are supposed to have 9 1/2 hours of sleep if you are a teen but to do that you would have to go to bed at 7;00 pm and no one will do that. Why do they start high school before elementary school?