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farming by Mind Map: farming

1. different types

1.1. Animal

1.1.1. cows milk beef

1.1.2. pigs

1.1.3. chickens eggs meat

1.1.4. goats

1.1.5. horses

1.2. plants

1.2.1. tobacco

1.2.2. soy beans

1.2.3. corn

2. Problems in Farming

2.1. weather

2.2. finance

2.3. time

2.4. risk

3. finances

3.1. do you have to have money to farm

3.1.1. how much

3.2. How much is....

3.2.1. crops

3.2.2. animals

3.2.3. land

3.2.4. equpiment

3.2.5. wages for your workers fot yourself

3.3. how many grants are there

3.3.1. how do you get one

3.3.2. how helpful are they

3.3.3. how much can you save

3.4. tax breaks

4. What does it take to be successful

4.1. time

4.1.1. maximum time need to spend

4.1.2. minium time

4.1.3. is it best to start your own farm at a younger age or at a older age Physcial health experience

4.2. manel labor

4.2.1. are you going to do it all yourself?

4.2.2. How many people is to much to hire how much will you pay them How long will a days work be

4.3. land

4.3.1. how much

4.3.2. where at

4.4. do you have to have luck

4.5. health

4.5.1. what happens when you get sick

4.6. money?

4.7. what type is most successful

4.7.1. where it is at

4.7.2. how much land

4.7.3. # of workers

4.8. equpiment

4.8.1. what equipment is needed

5. what are YOU trying to accomplish

5.1. only enough for you

5.2. enough for your family

5.3. enough for your local community

5.4. state?

5.5. national?

6. Is there a difference between accomplishing farming at a national and local farming in what it takes to be successful?

7. What is the best crop or animal to produce in the state of Kentucky to be successful?

8. Would it be different if there wasn't any equipment