volunteer work should be mandatory

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volunteer work should be mandatory by Mind Map: volunteer work should be mandatory

1. volunteer work should be mandatory because everyone expects to be paid.

1.1. everyone expects to get paid for doing stuff but why not just help someone in need

2. volunteer work has health benefits

2.1. reduces stress, makes people happier

3. it attracts employers (it shows them you are dedicated)

3.1. it advances your job opportunities for a better career which could lead you into making more money

4. academic gain - students with volunteer work tend to do better in school

4.1. it is said to reduce stress which will also be great because young people in school are normally stressed

5. develops social skills

6. opportunities to learn new things

7. it looks good on yourself

7.1. it makes you look yourself look good with responsibility and dedication

8. responsibility

9. reduces stress

10. it would make less people lazy

10.1. if people knew they had to do something they would dedicate themselves to doing it.

11. gives people self confidence

11.1. they know their doing great things which gives them confidence in themselves

12. it allows you to make your community you live in a better place.

13. meet new people

13.1. you get an opportunity to make new friends with people in your community