music and arts

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music and arts by Mind Map: music and arts

1. education

1.1. why don't all schools have a music and arts program?

1.1.1. the number one reason schools are cutting programs in the first place is because of budgets and they are the first to go because the arts dont make much money why dont they make much money? because arts programs don't charge their audience for entrance. concessions dont make that much than a couple hundred dollars band has to pay to attend festivals to get a rating band has to pay for new instrument so students can rent one if they do not own an instrument arts programs dont make much compared to sporting events football games charge people about $5 for a game for entrance and about thousand people come to those games so they get alott of money arts programs takes a large percentage of the schools budget

1.2. there are classes like band, choir, drama, and art  in music/art programs etc.

1.2.1. will there there different kinds of classes in art music programs in the future?

2. history of music

2.1. music has evolved over the years so there is more genres now

2.2. pop music has changed the world over the past 50 years

2.2.1. How?

2.3. people can easily make music from their phone

3. history of art

3.1. there are many forms of art