War Against Terriorism

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War Against Terriorism by Mind Map: War Against Terriorism

1. Tragedies in USA

1.1. Attempted bombing of World Trade Center 02/26/93

1.2. World Trade Center hit by two planes 09/11/01

1.2.1. Hijackers took over plane and hit the Pentagon

1.2.2. Hijackers took over plane and tried to steer for US capitol building but land in a field in PA

1.3. San Bernardino, California 12/02/15

1.4. Boston Marathon bombed 04/15/13

1.5. Shooting at Orlando night club 06/13/16

2. Tragedies worldwide

2.1. Beirut barrack bombed 10/23/83 Lebanon

2.2. U.S. Embassy bombed 08/07/98 Tanzania

2.3. Bali bombing 10/12/02 Indonesia

2.4. Moscow theater hostage crisis 10/23/03 Russia

2.5. Madrid Train bombings 03/11/04 Spain

2.6. Beslan hostage crisis 09/1-3/04 Russia

2.7. Qahtaniya bombing 08/14/07 Iraq

2.8. Truck bomb 07/14/16 France

2.9. Bomb in Turkish airport 06/16 Turkey

3. Leaders

3.1. Why do you want to kill everyone that doesn't accept Islam?

3.2. What lead you to believe that the rest of the world is bad/evil?

3.3. Why did you have problems with other religion practices?

3.4. Why do you strap bombs to kids and women?

3.5. What influenced you to become a leader of a major terrorist group?