Foster Children

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Foster Children by Mind Map: Foster Children

1. Qualifications

1.1. what does it take to have a foster kid

1.1.1. how old do you have to be

1.1.2. do you have to married

1.1.3. what paperwork do you need to fill out

1.1.4. are you solely responsible for all expenses

1.1.5. how long doe it take to receive a foster kid(s)

1.1.6. do you pick your "kid"

1.2. how many foster kids can you have

1.2.1. how long do you keep them is it a temporary thing

1.2.2. what ages will the kids be or do you choose

2. Where

2.1. where do you get foster kids

2.1.1. how many foster kid places are in kentucky

2.1.2. orphanages?

2.2. how many orphanages are kentucky

3. Percentage/Statistics

3.1. what's the percentage of foster kids in america that get adopted

3.1.1. where's the area with the most kids adopted

3.2. what percentage of foster kids in kentucky get adopted

3.2.1. where's the area with the most kids adopted

3.3. what is the average age of a foster child

3.3.1. race

3.3.2. gender

3.3.3. length of stay

3.4. percentage of homes that adopt foster kids

3.5. what percentage of kids are in their because their parents are dead and they have no place to go. and what's the percentage of kids have been their practically since birth

3.6. what percentage of foster kids have a mental illness/disease

4. Population

4.1. how many foster kids are in america

4.2. how many foster kids don't have homes

4.3. what are foster kids living conditions like

4.4. how many foster kids are there in kentucky alone

4.5. how many new foster kids arrive in orphanages every year

5. Government

5.1. what is the government doing to help foster kids

5.2. is the government funding foster kids

6. Reasons

6.1. what are the reasons for parents to give away their children

6.1.1. too young

6.1.2. rape

6.1.3. accident

6.1.4. not wanted

6.1.5. mental illness/disease