Teenagers finding themselves in high school

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Teenagers finding themselves in high school by Mind Map: Teenagers finding themselves in high school

1. a lot of students have a lot on their plate

2. school work

2.1. lots of homework

2.2. advanced couorses

2.3. projects

2.4. test

3. clubs

3.1. can add a lot of extra work and things on your schedule

4. sports

4.1. practice

4.1.1. after school

4.1.2. sometimes before school

4.2. games

4.2.1. really early games

4.2.2. games that end late

5. family

5.1. family problems

5.2. needy family

6. applying for college

6.1. writing letters to multiple colleges

6.2. going in for interviews

6.3. not getting accepted

6.4. people nagging you about choosing what you're gonna do for the rest of your life.

6.5. getting a good ACT score

6.6. applying for scholarships

7. taking the ACT

7.1. studying

7.2. taking the test over and over until you get a good score

8. How does pressure affect high school students decision making?

9. Does pressure and stress make high school students forget to figure themselves out and find who they really are?

10. Is there a big amount of high school that pursue a career field that they  have little to no interest in?