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NBA by Mind Map: NBA

1. History

1.1. The NBA is created August 3rd 1949

1.1.1. The BAA and the NBL join together.

1.1.2. What were the first cities it started in?

1.1.3. How much were the players paid if at all at first?

1.2. Who were the greats when the league became it's own?

1.3. How many teams were there in 1949?

2. The greatest players through the years

2.1. Who are all in the hall of fame?

2.2. Who has been the most active in helping the league grow?

2.3. What does the national players association do?

3. Globalization

3.1. How has the NBA over the years has had so many more foreign players?

3.2. How has the NBA spread basketball across the world?

3.3. How many games are played in different countries?

4. Awards

4.1. There are at least 20 different awards you can receive.

4.2. What are the awards you can recieve?

4.3. What are all the rewards purpose?