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Olympics by Mind Map: Olympics

1. History

1.1. How old are the summer Olympics?

1.1.1. Where was the first one held?

1.1.2. Why do different countries host them each year?

1.2. How old are the winter Olympics?

1.3. Which of the two is older?

1.4. Who started the Olympics?

1.5. When was the torch first introduced?

1.5.1. What is it's meaning?

1.5.2. What is traditionally used to make sure it never stops burning? Why is it supposed to never stop burning?

1.6. Why are the Olympics held every four years?

2. Economy

2.1. How much does the Olympics cost?

2.2. How much does it cost per nation?

2.3. Does it boost or decline the economy of the host country and why?

3. Awards

3.1. When were medals first introduced?

3.1.1. Why is there three different medals?

3.1.2. Why were gold, silver, and bronze picked to be medals? Why are they in the order that they are in for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?

3.2. What was used before medals?

3.3. Is any money involved in winning?

3.4. What is the record for most medals won by one country?

4. Participants

4.1. What country is the all time leader?

4.2. How many countries are usually involved in the Olympics?