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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion

1. Why

1.1. what are the reason parents abort their kids

1.1.1. too young

1.1.2. raped

1.1.3. accident

1.1.4. not wanted

1.1.5. technology found out that the baby may have a mental illness

2. It's wrong

2.1. abortion is terrible

2.1.1. only acceptable if raped otherwise you shouldn't have gotten pregnant

2.2. if you want to get rid of your kid their are other ways

2.2.1. put up for adoption send to foster home

3. Percentage

3.1. percent of babies murdered from abortion in america every year?

3.1.1. percent in kentucky

3.2. percent of doctors that perform abortions to those who don't

3.3. percent of parents that regret abortion

3.4. percent of parents that have kids after aborting their first

3.5. percent of america that doesn't believe in abortion

3.5.1. percent in kentucky

4. How

4.1. how is an abortion performed

4.2. how long does it take

4.3. how much does it cost

5. Qualification

5.1. do you have to be over 18

5.1.1. if you're younger than 18 do parents have to consent?

5.2. what kind of doctors perform the abortion

5.3. is it a long process

5.3.1. any paper work

6. What

6.1. what are the effects of abortion

6.1.1. mentally

6.1.2. physically

6.2. what procedures have to happen/ what actions need to be taken

6.3. what are the competing sides to abortion

6.3.1. where does the U.S stand most states for or against what about kentucky politically what does society think what does my class think how does my family feel?